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And Just Like That.. A new New Year

I hope you've had a brilliant start to 2022, but if you didn't get the start you wanted, it's not impossible to begin again. As a matter of fact, the Lunar New Year of the Tiger begins on the 1st of February. This is a time in the Eastern tradition to let go of that which no longer serve us - be they outdated thoughts and limitations, old habits or things - and usher in new possibilities and practices with the energy and courage of the tiger.

And speaking of new possibilities and beginnings, have you noticed how the conversation around aging has changed? People magazine noted that the actresses in the Sex and the City sequel, And Just Like That, are all older than their contemporaries in the 1980's TV sitcom Golden Girls. Here in Britain, The Telegraph ran an article about how many exciting possible role models there are after 50 with 61-year-old broadcaster, Carol Vorderman, being held up as an example and called 'Va-va-voom Vorders'. All of these women are definitely tigresses, who refuse to age on anybody else's terms but their own!


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