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Are all spermidine supplements created equal?

Short answer: no. Longer answer: a lot goes on from farm to capsule to make sure that Primeadine® is a safe and effective source of spermidine with multiple benefits.

Learn more below:

1. Our spermidine is sourced from highly concentrated, defatted wheat germ extract, which prevents oxidation and makes it extremely heat stable
2. Primeadine® is free from fillers and flow agents, no talc, shellac or any other synthetic ingredients - as pure as it gets
3. Our manufacturing and processing sites are not only ISO 9001 certified, but also ISO 22000 certified and FDA-registered
4. Primeadine®️contains both spermine and putrescine, which compound the benefits of supplementing with spermidine alone
5. We’re the only brand formulated with a prebiotic, which selectively feed the fuso and bacterioides bacteria in your gut biome to support internal production of spermidine
6. Independent, third party testing is carried out to guarantee quality and purity in both Japan and the US

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