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Sleepy Time Shake by Biohacker Nathalie Niddam

Looking for a simple way to improve your sleep but aren't a fan of herbal teas? This sleepy time shake by biohacker Nathalie Niddam is delicious and effective at calming the nervous system and regulating the circadian rhythm. Plus you've got the added anti-aging benefits of Primeadine spermidine to maximise your beauty sleep - improved hair and nail growth, improved memory, increased autophagy, yes please!

Ingredients & Method:

1/3 cup Unsweetened almond or oat milk (oat is great because it has sleep-supporting properties as well)

Cinnamon (tastes good and good to balance blood sugar)

3-9 caps Primeadine Original (break open the capsules & shake them in)

For people who like sweet: 1-2 drops monk fruit sweetener.

Whisk/whip till frothy

Pro tip: Keep shake small to minimize bathroom visits

Optional add-ons: magnesium and/or melatonin

Blend them all up!

Want to learn more about Nathalie? Go to her stellar podcast, Biohacking Superhuman Performance

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