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Leslie's Corner: Spring is in the Air... and so is Love!

With the Spring Equinox on 20th March, Spring is firmly in the air, which also means that Love is too. 

And what better way to prepare for this than to contemplate how the ancients viewed love as a sacred practice? In an article titled, “Slow Sex, Long Life,” published by the Australian journal, Aeon, one of our scientific advisers, Oxford University Emeritus Physiologist, Denis Noble, examines Eastern wisdom on intimacy from the perspective of a physiologist and demonstrates how science now backs what the ancients knew.

He also discusses his discovery of the connection to spermidine, among others. 

While mastering these Eastern techniques can take some time to perfect, we happily have a modern hack to help you get a similar result, which is to increase the amount of spermidine in the body through adequate supplementation and diet. 

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