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Special Offer

Primeadine Original + GF 6 Bottle Bundle - 180 tablets - 270 capsules / 180 day supply

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Introducing our ultimate value pack: 3 bottles of Primeadine Original and 3 bottles of Primeadine GF to take your autophagy and cell renewal to the next level. 

You can choose to alternate both products for a 6-month supply, or take both products (GF in the morning and Original in the evening) for a 3-month supply. 

  • Primeadine® is the purest spermidine supplement on the market, with zero fillers or flow agents.

    Our formulation provides you with 1mg standardized spermidine, tested in every batch to guarantee you are getting the same amount in every capsule. 

    To prevent oxidation and the presence of potentially rancid omega 6’s, our wheat germ extract is defatted and, again, tested for purity and potency. 

    We have also added a special type of maltodextrin that is acting as a prebiotic fiber and resistant starch that will selectively feed the fuso- and Bacteroides bacteria in the gut biome, both of which produce spermidine. The idea behind it is to increase both supplemental, exogenous spermidine as well as your own body's ability to produce endogenous spermidine.

    Primeadine® GF

    Primeadine GF, our gluten-free, soy-free spermidine supplement exclusively sourced and manufactured in the Longevity islands of Okinawa, is our answer for clients who are Celiac or suffer from Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) or Leaky Gut, or simply want to avoid all sources of gluten in their diets.

    Primeadine GF is wholly food-derived with the amount of spermidine, 1mg, that has been used in human clinical trials showing enhancement of memory and cognition.

    As a source of polyamines, Primeadine GF contains both spermidine and putrescine, a precursor to spermidine to help your body recycle and manufacture more of its own spermidine.

Primeadine® Spermidine Benefits


Spermidine has been shown to keep hair follicles in the growth phase for longer. Typical results include improved hair growth (including eyelashes and eyebrows), stronger hair and nails and more vital, glowing skin 

Healthy aging

Spermidine improves healthspan by inhibiting 9 of the 12 hallmarks of aging, including stem cell and mitochondrial dysfunction, telomere shortening, inflammation, and gut dysbiosis. Supports memory, cognition, and heart health


Spermidine supports the regulation of your circadian rhythm, assists with deeper, sounder sleep, and can reduce age-associated sleep disruption

Cell renewal

Spermidine and its co-occurring polyamines trigger autophagy, your internal cellular "clean up" and renewal process that declines with age. Your cells are the foundation of every organ and tissue in your body; until they are functioning properly, neither is the rest of you

What is spermidine?

Spermidine is a potent polyamine, known for inducing autophagy, which is the body's cellular renewal and recycling process that slows as we age.

The effects of spermidine supplements on humans have been studied and have shown to support cognition and heart health, promote hormonal balance and improve hair growth and fullness (including eyelashes and eyebrows), and strengthen nails.

Epidemiological studies have correlated higher spermidine levels with longer life.

The gut biome and our tissues produce 2/3 of our body's spermidine. This is known as 'endogenous production'. The final third comes 'exogenously' or externally from our diet.

As we age, spermidine production in our tissues and gut biome begins to fall, reducing autophagy, and therefore cell renewal.

Spermidine inhibits 9 of the 12 Hallmarks of Aging


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