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Primeadine GF Gluten-Free Spermidine Supplement 3-month Supply

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    • Chlorella
    • Shikuwasa (Citrus Depressa) skin
    • Turmeric root
    • 1.2mg plant-derived spermidine with autophagy enhancer, nobiliten
    • Naturally ocurring source of: vitamin D2, vitamin K, folate, vitamin B12, biotin, pantothenic acid, iron and lutein.
Made in FDA register facility
GMP quality
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Lab tested
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No talc
No shellac

Benefits of our Spermidine Supplement


Enhances hair growth, fullness, shine and texture including eyelashes and eyebrows, and promotes nail growth and strength

Healthy aging

Supports memory, cognition and brain and cardiovascular health


Assists with deeper, sounder sleep and circadian reset


Boosts autophagy, which declines with age, and promotes cellular renewal

Can I just take some chlorella instead of buying this?

There are many different strains and sub-strains of Chlorella, each with their own unique nutritional profile. For instance, some strains of chlorella are high in iodine. Ours is not. Working together with our Japanese partner, we tested these strains of Chlorella looking for significant concentrations of polyamines.

Primeadine GF uses a sub-strain of Chlorella that is uniquely high in spermidine. This needs to be tested for every single batch, because the amount of spermidine varies from batch to batch based on exposure to the sun and other weather conditions.

What are the benefits of taking both?

For those who want to take their autophagy to the next level, we suggest taking Primeadine GF in the morning and original Primeadine in the evening or before bed to help your gut biome produce its own spermidine at night.

How is this different from Primeadine® Original?

Primeadine Original and Primeadine GF are both wholly food-derived with the amount of spermidine, 1mg, that has been used in human clinical trials showing enhancement of memory and cognition. 

Primeadine Original is derived from concentrated, defatted wheat germ and has a small amount (40mg) of gluten. We have been unable to recommend this to clients who are celiac or suffer from Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) or Leaky Gut as a result. 

Because we know that spermidine can be helpful to sealing the gut lining, we wanted to find a source of spermidine that would be suitable for these individuals. 

Primeadine GF contains chlorella which is itself a good source of naturally occurring nutrients, including B vitamins such as folate and B12, as well as iron. These are all important nutrients for women of childbearing age. In addition, for those individuals who are unable to metabolize folic acid, this is a source of bioavailable folate. 

Primeadine GF is a source of vitamins D and K, both of which are needed to drive calcium to the bones. 

In addition, Primeadine GF contains nobiliten, a molecule shown to trigger autophagy and pairs nicely with spermidine. Because spermidine has natural anti-inflammatory properties, we wanted to enhance this even further by adding in some turmeric. 

As a source of polyamines, Primeadine GF contains both spermidine and putrescine, a precursor to spermidine to help your body recycle and manufacture more of its own spermidine.

All our ingredients are sourced and manufactured on the Longevity Blue Zone of Okinawa in Japan in FDA registered facilities and to ISO22000 standards, the highest food grade manufacturing standards that exist. 

Which one should I take?

If you are celiac, have Leaky Gut or SIBO, are on an Autoimmune Paleo or Lectin-free diet, or are gluten sensitive, then Primeadine GF is a good choice for you.

Spermidine inhibits 6 of the 9 Hallmarks of Aging 

Hallmark of Ageing