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Our certifications

Holding Our Company To A Higher Standard

Third-party certification is the best method of verification to ensure the statements being made are indeed validated by outside sources and up to that particular organization’s standards. It’s not the easy way to go, but worth the extra effort.

FDA Logo


A registered facility must provide evidence to the FDA that they have identified potential hazards with the products being produced in that facility, are implementing preventative controls to address those hazards, and are monitoring the performance of the controls to ensure that they are effective. A registered facility must also show that they are in compliance with State, local, county, tribal, or applicable non-Federal food safety laws, and is subject to regular inspections.

GMP Quality Logo

GMP Quality

The GMP approval indicates that the manufacturing and production process is of consistent high quality by following guidelines to minimize risks during product production.



The JHFA provides certification to food products that meet the voluntary standard which is obtained through undergoing a rigorous review process to ensure quality and safety.

Lab Tested Logo

Lab Tested

Our suppliers have the most advanced extraction process and rigorous quality control and testing to meet the standards of the Japan Health Food and Nutrition Food Association. In addition, our spermidine is encapsulated in a FDA cGMP facility in the US and undergoes independent 3rd party testing for purity and potency there as well.

Vegan BW Logo


Vegan is defined as: no animal or animal by-products to include flesh, bones, dairy, eggs, honey, fur, leather, wool, down feathers and cosmetics or chemical products tested on animals. Our products do not contain any animal or animal by-products or chemical products tested on animals.