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The Future of Autophagy Symposium Recordings

The Future of Autophagy:  The Scientific & Socioeconomic Implications of Slowing Ageing

This project has brought together global leaders in science, public health policy and business to discuss the latest research breakthroughs in autophagy and how they can be commercialised and brought to the public to slow ageing. Videos to the first symposium are available upon request. Future symposia are planned on novel ways to trigger autophagy to slow ageing and thereby avoid or lessen the impact of the diseases of ageing. 

Opening Remarks

Latest Discoveries in Autophagy and Applications to Human Longevity - Prof Tamotsu Yoshimori

Case Study: Immunology: Latest Discoveries and Applications to Human Longevity by Reversing Immune Decline - Prof Katja Simon

Clinical Applications for Extending Human Longevity - Dr Sandra Kaufmann

Academic Industry Collaboration for Healthy Ageing Innovation - Dr Miwako Ishido

Nutraceuticals: A Faster Path to Market - Leslie Kenny

Panel discussion & Closing Remarks