Suitable for individuals with Celiac, Leaky Gut or SIBO (Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth)
Sourced & made in the longevity islands of Okinawa, Japan
Contains 3 cellular renewal (autophagy) activators
ISO22000 standard, the highest in food quality control
A natural source of vitamins B12, D, and K, biotin, folate, iron, calcium & lutein

Primeadine® GF Gluten-Free Spermidine Supplement

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Reclaim your vitality with our gluten-free spermidine supplement, Primeadine® GF, for healthy aging and enhanced cell renewal.

  • Mimics the benefits of fasting
  • Supports sleep quality and circadian rhythm
  • Enhances hair growth
  • Increases energy levels and vitality
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Suitable for individuals with Celiac, Leaky Gut or SIBO (Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth)
Sourced & made in the longevity islands of Okinawa, Japan
Contains 3 cellular renewal (autophagy) activators
ISO22000 standard, the highest in food quality control
A natural source of vitamins B12, D, and K, biotin, folate, iron, calcium & lutein

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What are the Benefits of Primeadine?

Healthy Aging

Tackles the root causes of aging, including gut dysbiosis, inflammation, and stem cell and mitochondrial dysfunction. Typical results include improved energy, a more youthful appearance, and better gut health.

Enhanced Cell Renewal

Triggers autophagy, your body's internal cellular "clean up" and recycling process that declines with age. Noticeable benefits of the deeper cellular renewal occurring within include faster growing hair and nails, brighter skin, and more energy.

Better Hair, Skin & Nails

Shown to move hair follicles from the shedding phase to the growth phase, which is also where hair color pigmentation occurs. Our clients report enhanced hair growth (including lashes & brows), gray hair reversal, and healthier skin and nails.

Sounder Sleep

Proven to regulate 2 of the 8 clock genes associated with circadian rhythm and reduce age-associated sleep disruption, it promotes better, deeper sleep (as seen by our clients' sleep tracker scores!)

Improved Memory & Cognition

Supports brain health by triggering autophagy. Clinical trials have found plant-derived spermidine to improve memory and cognition in older adults with subjective cognitive decline. Brain fog be gone!

What is Spermidine?

Spermidine is a potent food-derived compound found to delay aging and increase healthspan, mainly through its ability to activate your body's cellular "spring cleaning" process, called autophagy.

You naturally produce spermidine, but your ability to do so declines with age, increasing your need for plant-derived sources like Primeadine!

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Recommended By Experts

Dr. Olivia Lesslar


Celebrity Anti-Aging Doctor

Primeadine is an exceptional quality spermidine that I use in many protocols, especially when I am trying to induce autophagy. These include such diverse protocols as those for tinnitus, cancer, post-viral syndromes, 'autoimmunity', and graying hair! I am especially pleased to have a gluten-free version to offer patients. 

Nadine Artemis


Beauty Philosophist, Author & Founder of Living Libations

My renegade beauty secret for deeper sleep, stronger nails, longer lashes, fuller hair, smoother skin, and fading freckles.

Dr. Sandra Kaufmann


"Best in Medicine" Longevity Doctor & Author of The Kaufmann Protocol

There is no question that spermidine is a crucial component to any longevity program. Thankfully, Oxford Healthspan offers an unparalleled product line. The quality is unprecedented, derived from naturally-sourced materials and manufactured in Japan. As a result, the products contain not only spermidine, but related polyamines which provide additional health benefits. As a result, I highly recommend this product line to all of my patients.

Carol Vorderman


British TV personality & Biohacker

I’m nearly 62, and I started looking into lowering my biological age. Primeadine supplements really help with, fundamentally, what’s called autophagy, which is getting rid of rubbish in your cells and using it for energy and for cell renewal and for your brain as well. Lots of you ask about what I take and this is a key essential.

Dr. Stephanie Estima


Women’s Health Expert & Author of “The Betty Body”

My hair was starting to go from gray back to […] dark brown. It was gray, and now it’s back to its original color. When I think about spermidine as a whole, the way I am viewing it is as a way to reduce systemic inflammation.

Zora Benhamou


Gerontologist, Biohacker & Sports Nutrition Coach

I’ve been taking Primeadine spermidine on and off for about 3 years. Every time I go on it, my sleep or recovery scores on my tracking devices go up. And when I go off of it, after several weeks they start to drop.

Dr. Olli Sovijarvi


Pioneer of Holistic & Preventive Medicine in Finland & Medical Doctor

My wife has been taking it for six months and I think she looks younger and her hair growth has come back after pregnancy, and nails, and all kinds of things that are a reflection of good vitality.

Magdalena Groselj


Biohacker & Anti-Aging Entrepreneur

I’ve noticed (via the Oura ring app) my deep and REM sleep improved enormously! My nails are so firm and my skin is even more beautiful and glowing. If you want to improve your health and rejuvenate your body, I suggest following an anti-aging protocol with Primeadine.

Luke Storey


Writer, Meditation & Metaphysics Teacher & Lifestyle Design Expert

The best spermidine supplement on the market.

Nathalie Niddam | Oxford Healthspan

Nathalie Niddam


Certified Holistic Health Coach & Biohacker

Primeadine upregulates autophagy and mitophagy, helps the immune system to rejuvenate plus it protects DNA and supports deep sleep, hair skin, and nails. It’s a staple in my supplement stack!

Aneta Grabiec


Psychologist, Nutritional Therapist & Hormonal Wellbeing Expert

What I noticed is: incredibly thick and fast-growing eyelashes, hair, and nails; improved skin texture; constant energy levels; great digestion; stronger immunity; deep, restful sleep; balanced hormones and regular menstruation.

One of my non-negotiable supplements for better skin, hair, lash growth, and autophagy. And best of all - improved sleep.

Primeadine® GF vs Other Spermidine Supplements

What makes Primeadine® GF the best gluten-free spermidine supplement?


Primeadine® GF


Wholly plant-derived, not synthetic



Sourced & made in the longevity islands of Okinawa, Japan



Contains 3 autophagy inducers: Okinawan chlorella, turmeric & nobiletin from "Shikuwasa" citrus lime peel



Includes the naturally co-occurring precursor to spermidine and spermine, putrescine



Endorsed by an esteemed board of longevity scientists & doctors



When Can I Expect Results?

1-4 weeks

If you have a wearable sleep tracking device, check if there are any changes to your sleep within your first week of taking Primeadine®. If not, try taking it in the evening! After at least 2 weeks, you may notice you need to clip your nails sooner than expected. This is a sign of increased cell turnover, which will also be happening in your hair and skin.

4-12 weeks

Changes to your hair may be noticeable after 6-8 weeks (around the time you get your hair cut next). The human clinical trial done on food-derived spermidine found improvements to cognition within 12 weeks, and your energy levels should improve in this time period also.

12+ weeks:

We recommend taking Primeadine® continuously for at least 12 weeks to experience the full range of benefits from enhanced cellular renewal and inhibiting the aging pathways.

How to Take

Serving size

Serving size is 2 tablets per day with liquid at mealtime.

First time use

We recommend tapering up to the full dose over 2 consecutive days.

Long term use

We suggest taking Primeadine® with liquid at your last meal to kickstart autophagy before bed, or with liquid at breakfast to extend the benefits of your overnight fast.


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