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Summer Gut Health Kombucha Float with Spermidine

Summer vibes are in full swing with this refreshing treat! Who said you need a cocktail for a fun drink? This kombucha float is not only cooling and delicious but also great for your gut, all thanks to the probiotics in the kombucha and the potent polyamine, spermidine, and special prebiotic fiber, FOS (fructooligosaccharides), in Primeadine Original. 

Have you noticed your gut health decline as you get older? Spermidine inhibits 9 of the 12 hallmarks of aging, the paths down which you age, and one of them is gut dysbiosis. Gut dysbiosis is an imbalance of bacterial strains in your gut. Not only does spermidine help with this, but it also works to close the tight protein junctions in the gut lining, having a sealing and healing action. The addition of a prebiotic feeds the good bacteria in the gut, including the ones that produce spermidine for you, thus improving your natural production of spermidine too.

Enjoy this restorative summer drink, cooling and calming on your gut and rejuvenating on your body.




- 2 bananas sliced and frozen

- 1 tsp of Primeadine Original powder / 2 capsules (open and shake in the contents)

- 2 tsp vanilla extract

- 1-2 tbsp nut milk or creamer of choice

- A serving of the kombucha of your choice


1. Freeze sliced ripe bananas for about 6 hours or overnight

2. Blend the frozen bananas in a food processor until smooth

3. Add in vanilla extract, nut milk, and 1 tsp of Primeadine Original and blend until you achieve a smooth consistency

4. Use an ice cream scooper and scoop into a glass and pour kombucha of choice over and enjoy!

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