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Meet Our Founder

Leslie Kenny

Leslie's life changed dramatically in her 30s when she was diagnosed with an array of autoimmune conditions - lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and hypothyroidism - and told she had five years to live.

Instead of accepting her poor prognosis, she set out on a quest to revive her own health by bringing her body back into balance. She removed all inflammatory triggers and gave her body the right tools to heal itself. While she is now 58, she has the biological age of 21 and has put her autoimmune diseases into remission.

Oxford University Oxford Healthspan

Discovering Spermidine…

With a newfound perspective on health, Leslie became a certified Bulletproof health coach and began helping University of Oxford scientists raise money for ground-breaking health discoveries. It was at a meeting with one such scientist and now one of our advisors, Professor Katja Simon, that she learned of a powerful longevity compound called spermidine.

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Spermidine becomes Primeadine®

The science was compelling - scientists were calling it 'an anti-aging vitamin' - and it was safe. However, because it was a natural, food-derived compound, not a drug that would bring in more money, no one was interested in promoting it. With the support of our Board of Scientific and Clinical Advisors, she launched Oxford Healthspan with its flagship product, the plant-derived spermidine supplement, Primeadine®.

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Scientific Advisory Board

Professor Denis Noble

Dr. Ghada Alsaleh

Dr. Katja Simon

Dr. Sasi Senga

Clinical Advisory Board

Dr. Olivia Lesslar

Dr. Sandra Kaufmann

Dr. Paul Ch'en

Amy Lamotte