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Frequently Asked Questions


These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Spermidine is a potent polyamine, known for inducing autophagy, which is the body's cellular renewal and recycling process that slows as we age.

Supplementation with spermidine in humans has been shown to support cognition and heart health, promotes hormonal balance, improve hair growth and fullness (including eyelashes) and strengthen nails.

Epidemiological studies have correlated higher spermidine levels with longer life.

The gut biome and our tissues produce 2/3 of our body's spermidine. This is known as 'endogenous production'. The final third comes 'exogenously' or externally from our diet.

As we age, spermidine production in our tissues and gut biome begins to fall, reducing autophagy, and therefore cell renewal.

Spermidine is a polyamine, an organic compound consisting of two or more amino groups, which is positively charged at physiological pH. Spermidine is present in all human tissues.

There are three sources of spermidine: endogenous spermidine made from the precursor amino acid ornithine;microbial spermidine, produced from gut microbes, anddietary spermidine, naturally occurring in food.

Endogenous production of spermidine accounts for roughly 1/3 of the body’s spermidine, however the ability to produce spermidine endogenously decreases with age. While microbial and dietary intakes make up 2/3 of the body’s needs, dietary intakes vary greatly between countries, with spermidine intake being higher on the Mediterranean and Japanese diets than on the typical American or Western European diet.

With respect to food sources, spermidine is found in the greatest amounts in wheat germ and fermented soy (e.g. natto and tempe). Wheat germ, in particular, has a very high spermidine content and the wheat germ in Primeadine® has a beneficial ratio of spermidine to the other polyamines, spermine and putrescine. Wheat germ derived spermidine is also well absorbed in the GI tract due to its high molecular mass.

No, this is a supplement to a balanced diet. It is not in any way a replacement for a balanced diet.

Best effects are typically seen after 2 months.

In clinical studies, hair is the first place where spermidine leads to physically noticeable changes.
Individual results will vary.

We recommend that Primeadine® be taken once a day together with food. Results will vary from person to person.

We manufacture our Primeadine® spermidine in Japan in a Japanese Good Manufacturing Practices compliant facility. Quality, purity and other assurance tests are conducted in Japan. Once our product arrives in the United States, it must undergo another round of quality assurance tests to ensure there are no toxins or other impurities present. It is then encapsulated and bottled in a US GMP compliant manufacturing facility.

Orders are available from our website, which offers secure payment through Shopify and select wholesalers (link to wholesalers).

Yes, it contains both.The amount of gluten per serving size is <40mgs. A standard slice of American bread will have between 1,000-2,000mgs of gluten. Primeadine® contains 1/50th to 1/100th the amount of gluten in a single slice of bread.

No, Primeadine® is not suitable for coeliacs.

Primeadine® is a source of FODMAP's and may not be suitable for individuals with SIBO. Consult your healthcare provider to see whether Primeadine® is suitable for you.

Yes, Primeadine® is a concentrated wheat germ supplement and, like all wheat germ, contains FODMAP's. Primeadine® may not be suitable for individuals on a low FODMAP diet. Consult with your healthcare provider to see whether Primeadine® is suitable for you.

No. It is a naturally occurring compound that can be derived from food sources. It is in no way classed as medical treatment.

Yes, all of our Primeadine® bottles are made of grade 1 Polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE).

Please store your bottles in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. If you live in a very hot climate, please store the bottles in the refrigerator.

There is no "right" time to take spermidine, and our clients (and the whole team!) take it at different times of the day. We suggest taking the capsules with your last meal of the day, or just before bed on an empty stomach.

No. Primeadine should not be added to hot liquids, as this will reduce its potency.

Yes! Feel free to add it to any cold or room-temperature beverages.

Absolutely! Please do not exceed 6mg per day (18 capsules) - see next question.

While Primeadine is a botanical compound, found in the food supply and also made in our bodies, please consult your practitioner if you would like to consume more than the daily recommended dosage of 1mg. There are no FDA guidelines regarding spermidine consumption, but.the European Food Safety Agency has stated that dosages of up to 6mg of spermidine from concentrated wheat germ are considered safe in humans.

You can split your dosage if you would like: 1 at each meal, 3 at dinner, or 1 at lunch and 2 at dinner.

We suggest you start taking Primeadine with a meal, and then, if you would like, you can take it on an empty stomach in the morning or before bed to help amplify the positive effects of fasting.

Primeadine® works at a cellular level, so you won't feel any "fireworks" the first time you take it. That said, some of our customers have reported deeper sleep, as measured by the ōura ring, when taken at night. See our Testimonials section for more!

Beauty: Improved hair growth and fullness (including eyelashes) and strengthened nails.

Healthy aging: spermidine works to support brain and heart healthSleep: Our spermidine supplements help with age-associated sleep disruption.

Longevity: Spermidine is a potent polyamine-rich compound known for for boosting autophagy which is the body's cellular renewal and recycling process that slows as we age. It’s found in high quantities in the diets of some of the longest-lived people in the world.

Our spermidine supplement contains concentrated wheat germ and is not suitable for individuals with Celiac disease or wheat allergy. It may not be suitable for individuals diagnosed with SIBO. Please consult your healthcare practitioner.

While we can’t speak directly about the formulation of other spermidine products, here are some of the main differentiators of Primeadine/Oxford Healthspan.

- We source our raw materials from Japan, which is known for their Nobel prize winning research on autophagy. We felt they had the most advanced extraction process and rigorous quality control and testing to meet the standards of the Japan Health Food and Nutrition Food Association, so we selected them as our suppliers. In addition, our spermidine is encapsulated in a FDA cGMP facility in the US and undergoes purity testing there as well.

- Our capsules do not have any synthetic ingredients, whereas other supplements contain shellac, talc and glycerin. This makes their capsules not suitable for vegans.

- Our formulation contains a special type of maltodextrin (FOS) that acts as a prebiotic fiber and resistant starch that will selectively feed the fuso- and bacterioides bacteria in the gut biome, both of which produce spermidine. The idea behind it is to increase both supplemental, exogenous spermidine as well as your own body's ability to produce endogenous spermidine.