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The Art & Science of Aging Well

In a landmark paper published in Cell (that’s a really good one) in 2013, Lopez-Otin et al set forth nine hallmarks of aging. And, the paper has been cited thousands of times without real refutation. To be named a hallmark, it fulfills (to varying the degrees) the following three criteria:

  • It should manifest or happen during normal aging.
  • Experimental acceleration or increase of the hallmark accelerates normal aging
  • Experimental reduction of the hallmark slows normal aging
  • 4 min read
Sadly, there’s no quick fix for the effects of aging or the extra pounds that sometimes (and so easily) sneak onto our waistlines. But, there is a simple behavior that can combat time (yes, really) and the effects of eating a little too much or exercising not quite enough.
  • 4 min read
Coffee taken in a fasted state continues the work of autophagy and you can have it any time of day with some Primeadine Original spermidine powder and still get the benefits of autophagy.
  • 1 min read