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Leslie’s corner: Bigwigs, Aging and Healthspan

Have you been watching the latest season of Bridgerton the way I have? I've been enthralled by the story line, the lavish costumes and the astonishing wigs worn by Queen Charlotte and her court. In fact, both the English and French courts did wear wigs to cover hair loss as they aged, as well as to show affluence - the bigger the wig, the more money one had. 

Today, hair loss is still problematic for men and women as they age, but thankfully we now know a thing or two about the multiple factors that can lead to hair loss and how to correct them. 

Some of you may know first hand that spermidine encourages hair follicles that are in the resting (catagen) and shedding (telogen) phase to return to the growth (anagen) phase, where pigmentation also takes place. But hair loss has multifactorial roots and spermidine will be only one part of the solution. 

Topical, low dose melatonin helps and is successful enough that it is used on cashmere goats to help farmers get a second coat out of their livestock (see video here). Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments on the scalp may also help. Finally, correcting hormonal imbalances such as sex hormone and thyroid (both hyper and hypo) will also encourage hair growth.

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