OLP Spring'22 Webcast Recording: Autophagy and Heart Health 

OLP Spring'22 Webcast Recording: Autophagy and Heart Health 

We feel very privileged to be able to sponsor the Oxford Longevity Project webinars on Autophagy and Aging and their most recent, on cell renewal and heart health, was no different. Two global leaders in cardiovascular health, Oxford's Professor Robin Choudhury and Rutgers' Dr Junichi Sadoshima, both cardiologists and lab researchers, gave us the lowdown on how to keep our heart healthy as we age: with fasting. 

After the webinar ended I had to ask Dr Sadoshima if the beneficial results of fasting were always so black and white when it came to men and women. Women are quite different from men after all! And his answer was that women are more complicated because women's bodies are meant to reproduce and are therefore very acutely attuned to feast or famine environments. Fasting can signal famine to a woman still in her reproductive years and cause her to lose her monthly cycle because, in the presence of stress, reproduction is a risk for survival. 

I will be asking follow up questions about this and reporting back in a future newsletter, but this again reveals a problem with current studies, which are overwhelmingly conducted in men. Until I hear back from Dr Sadoshima, I will keep taking my Primeadine to trigger autophagy to get the benefits without having to fast. 

Watch the webinar recording here.

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