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What Can I Expect from Primeadine®? Benefits Timeline

What Can I Expect from Primeadine®? Benefits Timeline

Starting Primeadine® for the first time? Here's what you can expect as you incorporate this potent healthy aging supplement into your daily routine.

What is Spermidine? A Recap: 

Spermidine is a naturally-occurring molecule found to delay aging by tackling its root causes, known as the “Hallmarks of Aging”, and activating the body’s vital cellular “clean up” and renewal process, called autophagy.

While we naturally produce spermidine when we are young, our ability to do so declines with age, making us much more reliant on food-derived sources like shiitake mushrooms, mature cheese, fermented soy, and food-derived spermidine supplements like Primeadine®.

Benefits Timeline

Week 1: The Fast Responders

For some, those who we refer to as “faster responders”, changes can be noticeable right away. If you use a wearable sleep tracking device like an Oura Ring, Fitbit, or WHOOP, you might see improvements in deep sleep or REM sleep within the very first week of taking Primeadine®. Spermidine positively impacts sleep by regulating some of the clock genes [1], which play a crucial role in maintaining the body's internal clock, or circadian rhythm. A well-regulated circadian rhythm ensures that sleep patterns are consistent and in sync with the cycles of the sun. 

Additionally, you may see an uptick in your Heart Rate Variability (HRV). HRV is a key indicator of nervous system balance, resilience to stress, and overall health. A higher HRV is associated with better sleep and reduced stress.

Weeks 1-2: Early Physical Changes

Fast responders often notice their nails growing faster within the first two weeks, requiring more frequent trimming. This is a sign of enhanced cellular renewal going on within. 

Weeks 6-10: Visible Skin & Hair Improvements

In a human clinical trial, wheat germ-derived spermidine supplements were shown to move hair follicles into the growth phase and keep them there for longer [2, 3]. This is also where melanogenesis takes place (when hair turns back to its original color). Read this blog post on spermidine and hair growth for more information.

Around the next time you get your hair cut (the six-eight week mark), you may notice your hair has grown significantly and is more voluminous and glossy! Even your brows and lashes may appear fuller and thicker. You might also see baby hairs growing at your temples, sometimes in their original color if they were previously gray. Find out more on how to reverse gray hair naturally here.

Around the six to ten-week mark, many users report a more even skin tone and a reduction in pigmentation, contributing to a healthier and more vital appearance. This is because spermidine helps to promote collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin [4].

Weeks 12-14: Energy, Memory & Cognition

The human clinical trial done on food-derived spermidine found improvements to cognition within 12 weeks [5]. Your energy levels should improve in this time period also.

Slow Responders: Patience is Key

For slow responders, changes might take longer to become evident. Certain factors, such as inflammation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, alcohol consumption, or significant illnesses, can deplete the body’s spermidine levels and mean that it will take longer to build your levels back up to a healthy baseline. If you are recovering from an illness or have high levels of inflammation, your body will prioritize using the spermidine you consume - through food and supplements - to restore these critical functions.

Slow responders might not notice changes until around the five to six-month mark. Lifestyle factors like diet also play a role; a diet low in spermidine-rich foods can delay visible benefits.

See this article on how to optimize your results with Primeadine®.

Long Term 

Since some people can respond more slowly, we recommend taking Primeadine® continuously for at least six months before determining whether it works for you or not. Best results are seen with continuous, long term use.

Please visit this article for a full breakdown of all the benefits - inside and out - that you can look forward to when taking Primeadine®.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or share your success stories with us. We’re here to support you on your journey towards radiant wellness.


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