Zora Benhamou Gerontologist's Circadian Experiment with Primeadine Spermidine

Zora Benhamou Gerontologist's Circadian experiment with Primeadine Spermidine | Oxford Healthspan

I first heard about spermidine from a friend of mine who was raving about it for her improved sleep. I later heard the word "spermidine" everywhere and decided to give Primeadine a go.

I first started with one capsule a day, then two and overtime three. I didn't have the immediate improvement in sleep scores on my Oura sleep and recovery tracking ring, but I kept at it for the other benefits that research has proven. 

Eventually after 2 or 3 months I started to see improvements in my deep sleep scores from about just under an hour of deep sleep to 1.5 and sometimes 2 hours of deep sleep. It became a new normal for me. After about 8 months of more or less continued use I decided to put Primeadine to the test and stop completely.  My deep sleep scores remained the same...for about 2 weeks. Then I saw them start to slowly drop back down to under an hour. I continued like that for about a month and the scores remained low. I then decided to go back on Primeadine to see if my deep sleep returned. I did it at a very challenging time when I needed to stay up until 2:00am every night and try to sleep in for a course in my Masters program. My circadian rhythm was very disrupted for 4 weeks. Amazingly, my deep sleep scores jumped right back up to 1.5 hours and much quicker than the first time around. 

I repeated this mini experiment several times and got similar results. I am convinced that Primeadine is doing some magic for not only my sleep, but my overall recovery and health.

I have since recommended Primeadine to my friends and community and only get stellar feedback. There is no doubt that Primeadine is helping so many and I cannot recommend Primeadine highly enough.

Want to learn more about Zora? Check out her podcast, Hack My Age!  

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