Embracing The Healing Powers Of Nature With 5 Simple Practises | Oxford Healthspan
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Embracing the Healing Powers of Nature with 5 Simple Practices

 There is no question about the healing, rejuvenating power of nature. Who hasn’t felt instantly better after spending some time in the woods, at the beach, even a neighborhood stroll after dinner...

RecipesChawanmushi Recipe for Longevity | Oxford Healthspan

Chawanmushi Recipe for Longevity

Chawanmushi is an egg custard dish found in Japan. Unlike many other custards, it is usually eaten as a dish in a meal, as chawanmushi contains savory rather than sweet ingredients.

LifestyleBenefits of Hot and Cold Water Therapy for Longevity | Oxford Healthspan

Benefits of Hot and Cold Water Therapy for Longevity

If you’re like us, one of your favorite topics of conversation is health and well-being. You find yourself looking for, talking about and sharing the latest and greatest “hacks”; be that a device, ...

Beautyjapanese fermented soybean dish natto | Oxford Healthspan

7 Japanese Anti Aging Secrets Hidden in their Food

The Japanese are known for their longevity as a population in spite of widespread smoking and drinking among their equally famous 'salarymen,' but once you leave the big cities and head into the co...

AutophagyLotus Leaf | Oxford Healthspan

Why take Autophagy Supplements?

If you’re searching for autophagy supplements, there’s no doubt that you know just what autophagy (pronounced “aw-TAW-fuh-gee”) is. But just in case you don’t, here’s a simple reminder: it is our b...

Japanese WisdomHow to find your ikigai & live longer and better | Oxford Healthspan

How to find your ikigai & live longer and better

For our regular readers, it will come as no surprise that the team at Oxford Healthspan are deeply invested in understanding and sharing Japanese anti-aging secrets.