Cacao Collagen Protein Bars

Cacao Collagen Protein Bar Recipe

Indulge your taste buds with a guilt-free snack packed with skin-loving and longevity-promoting benefits.

Prebiotic fiber

The Benefits of Prebiotics for Brain Function & Longevity

As we age, the resilience of the gut microbiome diminishes, causing gut dysbiosis, and this is recognized as one of the of the root causes of aging known as the "hallmarks of aging". This makes ind...

Hallmarks Of AgingFasting, Image Shows Empty Wooden Bowl with Spoon | Oxford Healthspan

Deregulated Nutrient Sensing: Hallmark of Aging #5

There are many cues to tell us when we are hungry – it could be the growling and gurgling of the belly, feeling low energy, or even the ring of the lunch bell. On a cellular level, hunger is, in pa...

RecipesSalmon MIso Salad Longevity Recipe

Salmon Miso Salad Longevity Recipe

Our longevity-promoting Salmon Miso Salad is a unique recipe rich in omega-3 fatty acids for heart health, protein for muscle strength, probiotics for digestive wellness, and astaxanthin and Primea...

PolyaminesSpermine And Spermidine: Two Of The Three Polyamine Musketeers

Spermine And Spermidine: Two Of The Three Polyamine Musketeers

As you’ve probably guessed by their names, spermine and spermidine were originally found in sperm. Anton van Leeuwenhoek, the microscopy pioneer, described crystals in dried human semen in 1678, an...

RecipesSpermidine-Powered Cacao Ganache Recipe | Oxford Healthspan

Spermidine-Powered Cacao Ganache Recipe

Looking to elevate your dessert game with a healthy twist? This Avocado Chocolate Dip is about to become your new favorite indulgence.