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Warming Winter Immunity Smoothie with Spermidine

Our warming winter smoothie with spermidine will awaken your senses and support your immune system with a creamy blend of fresh, anti-inflammatory ingredients. 

ExerciseGrip Strength, Longevity, And Tips For Your Strength Program

Grip Strength, Longevity, And Tips For Your Strength Program

Exercise and strength are an important piece of the longevity puzzle. In recent years, one specific test of physical fitness, one which a personal trainer would rarely tell you to work on directly...

Gut HealthGut Dysbiosis. Image shows gut biome | Oxford Healthspan

Gut Dysbiosis: Hallmark of Aging #12

Bacterial diversity in the gut is established during childhood and remains relatively stable into adulthood. But, the architecture and activity of the bacteria undergoes gradual changes during agi...

Brain HealthSpermidine and the gut-brain connection | Oxford Healthspan

Spermidine and the Gut-Brain Connection

The human gut microbiome, unique to every individual, has a plethora of roles in regulating the immune system, metabolism, growth and general health. Spermidine, a natural polyamine, is believed to...

Hallmarks Of AgingInflammation & "Inflammaging": Hallmark of Aging #11

Inflammation & "Inflammaging": Hallmark of Aging #11

Inflammation is a recognizable accompaniment to aging. Demonstrably, over one in four American adults between the ages 45 and 64 and nearly half of all Americans over 65 have been diagnosed with o...

AutophagyMature woman with good skin | Oxford Healthspan

Autophagy Benefits for Skin Radiance & Renewal

I don’t need to tell you that there are several industries focused on selling you things to improve your skin or at least to look younger and better. From skin care and makeup, cosmetic surgeries a...